Top Laravel Resources

Learning laravel for the first time can be daunting to some, specially for someone who has no idea on what framework is all about.  For others who had experienced with  other frameworks such as  codeigniter, symfony, FuelPHP, Kohanna and Zend  it can be very helpful. While exploring Laravel is fun for me and I'm sure for many others, you still need to sweat and invest time learning it, but  don't worry it's really worth it.  Below are some of  the resources that can help you learn laravel.

THE LARAVEL FRAMEWORK (Official Website) (Official Laravel Docs)  (Official Laravel Forum)  (Laravel PHP Framework);  (Laravel Core Framework)  (Laravel Official API Documention)

IRC Channel


Laravel Job

Blogs and Podcasts


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Cheat Sheet

Laravel Packages Registry

I hope this will help you learn Laravel and become an expert. Good luck!