Problem upgrading Git using Homebrew

If you're having problem with upgrading your Git after upgrading your OSX to Yosemite please follow below what I did to make it work.

This is the error I've got when upgrading my git using Homebrew.

Error: The `brew link` step did not complete successfully
The formula built, but is not symlinked into /usr/local
Here is the solution:

1) First you need to uninstall your current git program

$ brew uninstall --force git

2) change permission of your /usr/local

Top Laravel Resources

Learning laravel for the first time can be daunting to some, specially for someone who has no idea on what framework is all about.  For others who had experienced with  other frameworks such as  codeigniter, symfony, FuelPHP, Kohanna and Zend  it can be very helpful. While exploring Laravel is fun for me and I'm sure for many others, you still need to sweat and invest time learning it, but  don't worry it's really worth it.  Below are some of  the resources that can help you learn laravel.


Filter records according to year using Laravel Eloquent ORM

I've been thinking to make my first blog long time ago but I have no idea on the topic that I'm interested.  Since my obsession with Laravel began when it was released in May of 2013 I realized this is the right time to gain knowledge and experience using the framework. I've been reading and watching tutorials on how to do things with Laravel and It's been fun so far.  With the knowledge I've got I want to test some basics of the framework.

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